Running a Golf Club

When running a golf club there are a lot of working parts to take into consideration.  Little details such as the colors of the shirts the employees wear down to the number and style of balls that can be purchased in the gift shops can make a big difference. 

The Basics

The basics of running a golf club include good Club management.  The management team of a golf club needs to be passionate and aware of the sport.  Knowing terminology used by golfers, their guests and others is a good start.  When discussing the topic of clubs, balls and even the tees used on the court all employees need to be up to date on these. It will make guests feel that they are knowledgeable and capable of running the club.


Club management

General maintenance of the club is needed as well.  When running a club it is important that people feel comfortable.  Having ripped or dirty carpet, spots on drinking glasses and a smell will instantly turn off guests.  The course needs to be maintained as well.  Divot holes, trash and general grooming needs to be done on a regular basis. 


Finances are also important to the successful running of the club.  Ensuring that there is money to keep up the look and upkeep of the club, restocking of inventory, money for special events and promotion are all part of the process of running a successful club. 

Overall experience

When running a club it is all about the experience.  When people come to play golf they are there to get away from the stresses of their daily lives and enter a world of their own creation.  Making sure that all of the components of this fantasy are in place is what makes a good club and the desire to come back again and again.